Issue with RStudio mirror of CRAN for Mac OS?

Several people have posted about having trouble installing packages on Macs through RStudio. It seems that opening the R app directly and installing from there is workaround, but it's not clear what the issue is.

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This happened a few months ago with a rare synchronization error that interrupted the updating of mirrors, such as RStudio's. The fix is to set the repository to the main CRAN repository.

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Hi technocrat. Could you please explain what you mean by this and how to set the main CRAN repository?

The "official" versions of packages are maintained centrally and many other sites maintain copies. Sometimes, a site may be temporarily out of commission, and sometimes there may be a out-of-bounds condition on the central site's synchronization script, so that it fails to send out correct copies of the whole library to be synchronized.

To go direct to the source (which is generally discouraged, to avoid congestion.

However, today, 2020-03-26 11:15 PDT, the CRAN repository itself seems to be having issues. Try again later.

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