Issue with R-studio Server installation in RedHat


I am trying to install R Studio Server on my Linux RedHat 7.3 VM in which i don't have internet access. I did as the documentation told to and have installed the EPEL prior to R-studio but i still get the following error :
"Unable to find an installation of R on the system (which R didn't return valid output); Unable to locate R binary by scanning standard locations"
Can you help me ?


Did you install R already from the EPEL software repository? (see FAQ below for disambiguation between R and RStudio)

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Thank you for your answer!

I did not misunderstand the difference between R and R Studio.
I have downloaded the epel-release-latest-7 from and successfully installed it. Do I have to extract R ? If so, how to do that ?

So, I know almost nothing about EPEL (other than what I've read today), but it looks like you might have to do something to enable specific packages.

Besides installing EPEL you still have to install R

sudo yum install R
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