Issue with ggplot

ggplot() +
geom_sf(data = annual_precip_by_state_sf, aes(fill = precipitation)) +
scale_fill_gradient(low = "green", high = "blue", limits = c(0, 1600)) +

I have data for precipitation, and I have added all relevant geometry for the 49 states I have, but it happens that my map returns dark.

See image here.

Hello @EternalExcellence. Are you able to share the data (or a representative subset)? This will help with troubleshooting.

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Thank you so much @scottyd22
I truly appreciate you offering to help.

I was able to fix the error!

It was more of discrepancies names in the states I generated with the precipitation data and the one in the spatial data, also, the geometry also merged different coordinates together.

I got a separate spatial map and coordinate and merged ensuring the names are similar and removing Alaska and Hawaii from the data.

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