Issue with exporting SVG

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I have an issue with exporting my plots to SVG format using the plot pane in the Rstudio.
I am using R markdown and I want the plot to be shown in the plot pane so that I could export it as a SVG format file but the plot is being opened in another R studio window called "Quartz 2" and in that window the only option I have is to save it to PDF format.

I have tried using R script instead of R markdown but the problem hasn't been solved.
I also made sure that "Chunk output in Console" option is activated.

Here are some screen shots of my R stuido for your kind reference.

Thanks in advance.

Depending on the intended use of the svg graphic, there are options.

The simplest is for plot produced by ggplot2 where you can use the ggsave() function (see help(ggsave) for details.

The {Cairo} package will also output high-quality svg.

For svg where highest resolution is not required, the {svglite} package is another choice.


Thank you for your response.
I had issues with ggsave but Cairo package worked perfectly! thank you so much!

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