Issue with Copying Projects

There is currently an issue of copying projects whose R version is older than 3.5.0.

When someone makes a copy of a project, we set the R version of the copy to 3.5.0, regardless of what version of R the original project used. This means that any packages associated with the original project are not found and the project will likely not function correctly.

We are looking into how we can preserve the original project's R version in the copied project and will update this note when we have a fix. Until then, here are two workarounds:

  1. If you are the creator of the original project, upgrade its R version to 3.5.0 (via the menu in the upper right corner of the IDE) and install any necessary packages. This should ensure that any new copies of the project function correctly.

  2. If you have a copy of a project that used a prior version of R, change the R version of your copy to that of the original (again, via the menu in the upper right corner of the IDE).

We are sorry for any difficulty or confusion this issue may have caused and are working to resolve the problem.