Issue with action button when loading on Google Chrome

Hello, we have a working Shiny app hosted online using shinyapps io available at the following url:

The app works perfectly when launched in R or when opened from Safari or browser OTHER than google chrome. When opening on Google chrome, everything works fine except for the fact that clicking the "Load sample data" takes 4 or 5 clicks before our tabs populate. This issue has been reproduced across multiple computers but only happens when accessing the app from Google chrome.

The button is just a simple action button and the tabs should populate based on a simple observeEvent() call in our server file. The code for our app is available here: but there seems to be no issue with the code since the app works fine when launched in R or opened using the shinyapps io url on any browser other than chrome.

Any help is appreciated.

Update: The same issue happens with Mozilla firefox as well as Google chrome.