Issue when trying to perform one-way ANOVA


I'm trying to run a one-way ANOVA on a dataframe but something seems amiss.

Here is an example of the dataframe:

Session Total.Viewed.Image Group
1 1 10 Improved
2 8 20 Improved
3 10 10 Improved
4 21 10 Pos_maintained
5 23 20 Neg_maintained
6 34 10 Neg_maintained

I want to compare the images viewed in each group, however, when I put:

aov(Total.Viewed.Image ~ Group, data = df)

The output is:

aov(formula = Total.Viewed.Image ~ Group, data = test)

Group Residuals
Sum of Squares 671.477 17086.020
Deg. of Freedom 5 145

Residual standard error: 10.85517
Estimated effects may be unbalanced

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I'm not sure what you are expecting. Try this:

Anov_Result <- aov(Total.Viewed.Image ~ Group, data = df)
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