Issue reagrding 'longToWide' function in 'lsr' package

I am trying to convert a long format data to wide format data using 'longToWide' funtion in 'lsr' package
I have 29 subjects.
When I run 'longToWide' funtion for the entire 29 subjects, for some subjects, it gives N/A, though there is no missing data in the long format data.

For those subjects, it shows N/A , if run separately, it works properly. But when the subset of subjects put back into whole set, it shows again N/A for some subjects on running the 'longToWide' function.

A typical reason is when there is a "hidden" missing value. That's when, in the long format, there is no apparent missing value, but there is a particular combination of variable that doesn't appear. Then when converting to wide format, the value for that combination is not known.

Modifying the example in ?longToWide:

long <- data.frame(
  id = c(1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3),
  time = c("t1", "t1", "t2", "t2", "t2", "t3", "t3", "t3"),
  accuracy = c(.50, .03, .94, .63, .49, .78, .71, .16)

#>   id time accuracy
#> 1  1   t1     0.50
#> 2  2   t1     0.03
#> 3  1   t2     0.94
#> 4  2   t2     0.63
#> 5  3   t2     0.49
#> 6  1   t3     0.78
#> 7  2   t3     0.71
#> 8  3   t3     0.16
lsr::longToWide(long, accuracy ~ time)
#>   id accuracy_t1 accuracy_t2 accuracy_t3
#> 1  1        0.50        0.94        0.78
#> 2  2        0.03        0.63        0.71
#> 3  3          NA        0.49        0.16

Created on 2023-09-21 with reprex v2.0.2

In this case you see a missing value in wide but not long format, that's because the long format does not contain any value for time == t1 and id == 3.

If this is not what happens in your case, you will need to share some example data to reproduce your problem, as detailed here.

Thank you for the quick response..
I understand the hidden missing value.
But in my case, I don't think there are any hidden missing value.

You may look at the data in the link below.

The code I used is here,


There are problems with the case: "meditation1" and "Meditation1" are different from R's point of view, so some subjects have only "meditation1" and missing "Meditation1" or reverse. Same for "mediatation2"/"Meditation2". There is also some "wm"/"WM". Also, only some subjects have a "wm1" in the condname column (maybe a human mistake when writing down data in the wrong column).

So all these create a lot of missing data, you need to do some input cleaning before you can work with that.

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