Issue putting shiny app onto

Hello my Shiny-App is not deploying to the server and I get this error:
An error has occurred
The application failed to start.

signal: killed

Here are the logs:

Can anybody help me with this issue?

You are getting an "out of memory" event. If you are on a paid account you can increase the RAM limit for that particular application but if you are using a free account you are limited to 1GB RAM so you would need to try to minimize your app's RAM requirements for deploying it on

Thank you I have a basic paid account with, how would I increase the app's RAM requirement? Do i need a higher paid account than basic?

Thank you!

If your app requires more than 1GB of RAM to run and you want to deploy it to, then yes, you would need a paid account. But, as I said, you could also try to lower your app's RAM requirements, for example, loading tidyverse on a RAM-constrained environment is a bad idea since it is a package aggregator that loads a bunch of packages you might not actually need consuming RAM unnecesarily.

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Thank you!

could you send a link or a resource that could help with reducing my app's RAM requirements?

Sorry, I'm not aware of such a resource but in general, avoid loading packages you don't absolutely need and remove any intermediate output from the memory as soon as you don't need it. Also, make sure any data you are loading doesn't take too much memory, if it does, consider pre-possessing your data to avoid uploading too much data to the server.

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Can it be related to "reading from Amazon Banks Database V2"" - which appears just before the error?
Do you try to import a database into the shiny app?

Edit: Even with laoding tons of libraries it's difficult for the app itself to reach the 1GB limit. So it has to be related to the data used by the app.

  • Either you upload tons of data together with the app - then you may consider shrinking it down to what is necessarry, or load it only the parts that are needed for a certain tasks from outside sources.
  • Or you download big chunk of data (Amazon Banks Database V2?) - here again you should think if you really need all of it.
  • Or the app itself generates huge amount of data (for me it was a list with containing many plots, reaching 1 GB when the number of plots went from a few dozen / hundreds to many hundreds / thousend.) This is more difficult, as you need to figure out how to prevent this.

sir, I am getting the same error and don't know how to check the RAM, I have a free account but I don't know how I can check the RAM. (loading tidyverse on a RAM-constrained environment is a bad idea since) so whats the solution?

The only generic solution I can give you for this problem is to get a paid account and increase the RAM limit.

If you mean how you can lower your app's RAM requirements, then you need to provide more details about your data and specific code, and preferably open your own topic to avoid hijacking this one.

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