Issue Installing Packages and Administration

I am new to R and coding in general. I have tried several times to load packages in Rstudio and everytime it doesn't work. I have attached a screenshot to show what it says.

I have looked at previous discussion boards and the said this was prebinary package and I just had to open the prebinary package but I cannot find it/what it is called to run it.

I also saw something about running Rstudio as an administator. This is my personal computer so I should have administration privileges on it. When I go to right click and click run as administrator as other have suggested that is not an option I have.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you,

The error message you are showing is telling you that you are missing the fansi package, which is a dependency for tidyverse, so, you have to install it first.


That option is only applicable for Windows systems, not for macOS or other Unix based operating systems. I'm not a macOS user so I don't know how to do it using the graphical interface but the equivalent would be to execute the program with sudo rights.

Thank you so much everything seems to be working now.

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