Issue installation metafor

I have reinstalled R studio to get the metafor package but it is not working.
Every time it seems that I have downloaded it correctly following A Installing R and RStudio | Hands-On Programming with R but at last when I am trying to get merafor , again this asks me to install matrix and again restart .. this restart thing does not end.
Please help

I can't see from your screenshot, did you install the package metafor?
I can see that you are trying to install Matrix which metafor depends on, but did you try install.packages("metafor")?

Yes, Before metafor I need to install Matrix however after installing Matrix I got a message of restarting the programme again and again even when I opted for yes, So, I chose " NO "and suddenly Matrix package completely downloaded but still I could not do further commands of Metafor like "escalc".
I feel there are some problems in downloading the R program. Why there are two steps first to dowload the R program and then R studio. why R cant update its self in a simple way ?
My problem started when I thought to reinstall the new version and Unstall the old one

Can you be more specific? What is the error message you are getting now?

Hello Andresrcs,
I was practicing in old version and now I have downloaded the new one so that I can do metaanalysis (in new one its inbuilt but in old one it asks for install matrix then metafor). On downloading , I see that R studio was not running and when I did what mentioned in my first query then I could not do metafor at all. I have repeated many times unstall and intall new version but I am still on same page.
Can you share any guide that helps me in updating the R version without Installing it ?

Sorry but I can't understand what your problem actually is, Can you provide detailed steps to reproduce your issue? (i.e. what commands you are running and what error message you get)

After dowloading the new version R studio 1.3.1093 with R 4.0.3 win, I should get into Metafor directly as its mentioned in many sites that the metafor is inbuilt in new version but it is asking for downloading Matrix again

what is wrong in my process that I am not abe to do metafor functions directly without dowdloading Matrix etc..

From your last screenshot, it seems that you've loaded metafor and the dependent package matrix just fine. Where exactly is it asking for you to install Matrix again?

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand your problem entirely. Could you as @andresrcs suggests create a REPREX (reproducible example)?

That is not the case, metafor is not part of the base R installation, it is a separate package that you need to install along with it's dependencies (i.e. matrix). Anyhow, in the screenshot you are posting (which is a bad practice here, post formatted code instead) there is no error message or request to install matrix since it seems is already installed.

Since you are not clearly stating what your actual problem is, we are not able to help you, please try to provide a REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue.

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