Issue getting RStudio Cloud Project to terminate

I ran a GERGM model on and it did not converge, so I ended the processing. Now when I open the project, the whole thing is frozen. I can open other projects on, but this project is frozen. Any help?


Sorry you ran into a problem. Usually issues like this should be addressable by using the project relaunch feature. That should force a restart of the IDE.


Thanks Sean,

My issue is that the whole window is frozen, I can't even get to the Project Relaunch.

Is there anything that can be done?

From the original response it sounded like your IDE instance was frozen. If so you should still be able to access the project relaunch button in the drop down menu at the top right,


Your more recent response sounds like the entire website is frozen? If it is I would check to see if there are any console errors (or errors in your network tab). That might aid in debugging the issue.


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