Issue downloading packages through R Studio Package Manager

We are having an issue downloading packages through R Studio Package Manager after updating to the latest version of R. We had to use R Studio Package Manager because we need to keep our data in offline environment.

We get a 404 error when trying to install. It is trying to go to the …contrib/4.0 URL and it doesn’t exist. If we
run R 3.4 it goes to the …contrib/3.4 URL and can find it just fine.

The error said: Warning in install.packages: Cannot open URL 'httpL//..../prod-cran/latest/bin/windows/contrib/4.0/

We can access the same package through R 3.4.

Thank you!

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Windows binaries for R 4.0 should be available in RSPM > 1.4.1. What version of RSPM are you using? You may need to upgrade.

If you continue to run into trouble, I'd recommend reaching out to RStudio Support How do I submit a Support ticket? – RStudio Support

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