Issue creating a Shiny App: Input data+ plot specs (in csv) and Save Plots

Am unable to create a Shiny App that:

  1. Takes as Input: datafiles + plot specfications in csv file format
  2. Upon pressing action button runs all plots and saves them in a pre-specified folder (mentioned in the plot spec file) in a computer
  3. While plots are running, also want to display just the progress bar to the user

PS- Apologize for posting a conceptual query and not sharing any specific codes.

In terms of loading a file from CSV, here's a tutorial Help users upload files to your app.

Shiny supports action buttons. Here's a tutorial Using Action Buttons.

A lot of this is covered in the Shiny team's three hour intro tutorial to Shiny. Learn Shiny.

I don't think that course covered saving data the way you'd prefer. So the following guide might be of use. Persistent data storage in Shiny apps

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