Issue adding a new user to RStudio Server Community edition


I couldn't find another question for this exact issue so I hope this isn't redundant.

I have Rstudio Server Community/Free edition installed on Ubuntu 16.04. I'm logged into RStudio with my own account which has sudo privileges.

I've added the first user to Ubuntu, and then added them to the groups
rstudio-server and

I checked the UID_Min in /etc/login.defs and it is set to 1000 (with UID_MAX set to 6000).

When the user loads the URL for the Rstudio server (port is correct), he keeps getting an unable to connect to service error.

Any other places I can check?

Any advice is appreciated.


OK, so now it's an "error occurred during transmission." Seems to be permissions on /tmp

Followed a few fixes for /tmp access but it did not resolve my issue.

However, I do suspect it was a tempdir() issue.

Here's why:

If I altered the /tmp permissions I received the exact same error for my own account as for the new users.

In any case I was able to fix it - did a reinstall and everyone is logged in and happy. :slight_smile:

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Hey @jcblum - will do. Thanks for the info!

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