Isolation forests in Tidymodels


I'm trying to familiarise myself with Tidymodels and wish to use it for an unsupervised problem with KNN, local outlier factor, unsupervised random forests and isolation forests.

It's appears as though isolation forests are not off the shelf available in Tidymodels so Im interested to know whether I can use isolation forests from the solitude package 'wrapped' in a Tidymodels framework?

I've tried searching for this topic but couldn't find any guides, if you know of any I would be very grateful.


Hi @jgarrigan,

I think this article should help: Learn - How to build a parsnip model

It is more of an unsupervised learning model and we plan on adding it to the applicable package: isolation forests · Issue #19 · tidymodels/applicable · GitHub

Thanks Matt, heavy reading :wink:

Wow a reply from Max Kuhn, I'm honoured.

Thanks Max I'll keep an eye out for future Tidymodel updates

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