Is this the correct way to create a list values?

I want to create a named AccountList with the following “named” list values –
AccountName = “Bob”
AccountBalance = 5500.00

AccountList= list(AccountName= “Bob”, AccountBalance= 5500.00)

This certainly a way to create a list, yes.

I noticed that you've been asking a few getting started with R questions lately. Do you have a good resource for learning the basics of R like this yet? I am sure there are folks here happy to recommend you a few resources if you give some insight into what you're trying to do.

Yes, I am a very complete beginner and unfortunately I do not have any resources and the youtube video I have seen don't have any applications examples to help me analyse how the process really works. I would TRULY appreciate any recommendations I could get

Available for free online.


wow! thank you very much!

Also, google. You will find answers to just about any question you have if you google them.

Oh, and don't hesitate to look at the documentation of functions and packages. For instance:


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Yes, google is definitely beneficial to understand the concept. However, my issue is mainly on application. I like seeing scenario examples and see how they are implemented in R. that is what I mainly have issues with at the moment.

But google will often lead you to such examples (for instance on StackOverflow).

With a bit of practice, you will learn what to google to find what you want.

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In the realm of self-paced interactive web lessons, I think DataCamp’s offerings are some of the best. Most content requires a paid subscription, but their Introduction to R course is free and gives a taste of the approach:

(All the R lessons:

There’s a bunch of good stuff in this thread, too:


There is also an online community of learners and mentors working through this book. and through twitter via the #R4DS hashtag


I think you'll want another list(...):

AccountList= list(
  list(AccountName= "Bob", AccountBalance= 5500.00),
  list(AccountName= "Ann", AccountBalance= 9900.00)

The inner lists are for tupes, and the outer list is for the list of tuples.

From there, the natural next step is to make a table:

> AccountDF = dplyr::bind_rows(AccountList)
> AccountDF
# A tibble: 2 x 2
  AccountName AccountBalance
        <chr>          <dbl>
1         Bob           5500
2         Ann           9900

I find this approach useful sometimes. I think you probably wouldn't run into it on DataCamp, StackOverflow or R4DS, though, so I wanted to mention it (since I think you were on the right track).