Is there something wrong in the code? I'm getting errors when I try to execute. Help needed dear friends:)


You're just missing the data argument in your group by.


newdata <- filter(starwars,
                  gender == "female")

newdata <- group_by(newdata,

newdata <- summarize(newdata,
                     mean_ht = mean(height, na.rm = TRUE))
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The error is in your second line where your group_by does not specify the data, i.e. newdata.

You are better off using the pipe operator %>% for such workflows.

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But in the output I don't see the gender value getting printed how can I make it happen?

I don't see the gender value getting printed in the output so how can I make it happen?

You'll need to include gender in the group_by() function in that case, but you have already filtered gender in your first statement.

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Just on formatting of the code, typically easier to read it like this:

newdata <- filter(starwars, gender == "female")  %>% 
group_by(species) %>% summarize( mean_ht = mean(height, na.rm = TRUE))

ie. filter, then do, group by, then summarize

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