Is there any way to keep the hovering aspect of ggplotly in a .ppt file?

Hi guys,
I have to create a presentation for AHA. I have used ggplotly for all my graphs and now Microsoft .ppt doesn't support the hover functionality. How can I present these graphs with the hover functionality intact?


Use xaringen presentation and if needed you can take screenshot of your already made presentation and embed them in your r markdown file.

you gotta get out of PowerPower in order to get those features. Consider using RMarkdown for rendering your material into one of the HTML slide formats and then you can keep the functionality.


Thanks so much, JD. I need to figure out RMarkdown right away. Many thanks.

Got it...Need to get familiar with RMarkdown right away

I think if you render your documents with ioslides you should be able to embed the ggploytly right in there without losing anything. Although I have not done it:

If your presentation venue is amenable to you using an HTML/Javascript presentation framework (e.g., ioslides or remark.js / xaringan, as @jdlong and @Anantadinath recommended), I would definitely go that route. If the venue is going to insist on PowerPoint (this happens in my field), my next fallback would be to fake interactivity with successive screenshots.

However, for the sake of completeness... it is possible to embed a web browser in a PowerPoint slide via ActiveX controls (:scream:). There is a freely available pre-built Add-In out there that will render local HTML files. Major caveat: it's not clear what web rendering engine you wind up with (it may even depend on the version of Windows on the computer where the slide deck is playing), and whether that rendering engine would support all the stuff plotly does. There's also a plotly-specific add-in, but it seems limited to embedding plots that are hosted with

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A newer alternative to LiveWeb is LiveSlides, which lets you embed any web content. The downside is that you have to have companion app running when you deliver the talk; without it, you just get a static image, so portability goes down the drain. But if you <3 PowerPoint and can ensure that you'll be delivering the talk on your own machine, LiveSlides works great (I've used it with PowerPoint for Mac 2016), and you can even resize the dummy image (which it swaps for an iframe or something when you deliver) if you want the embedded content next to other, regular PP content :slight_smile:

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JD, thank you...I think I am moving away from powerpoint altogether. Do you think a paid plotly subscription would be good? I create customer sensitive reports on a monthly basis and I am also worried about privacy issues

This is so cool. Thank you very much; will look into it for sure.. Had no idea at all

Hi JC,
I have become very wary of Add-ins in excel. It is so slow and the data just doesn't load properly at all....

For sure! Personally, I'd give up on interactivity before trying to jam a web browser into my PowerPoint slide, but, y'know, the possibility is out there. In general, I heartily endorse moving beyond PowerPoint! :wink:

Oh, ETA: there was some useful discussion of R Markdown presentations vs other options over here