Is there any way to integrate an indepentent shiny app as a module/sub-app in the main shiny app?

may not be doable with single r session, but just want to throw out the idea and maybe someone has thought about it. thanks rstats.

You could potentially use tags$iframe for this:

It wouldn't be a single R process solution however.

# app1 
ui = fluidPage(h1("inner"))
server = function(input,output){}
shinyApp(ui,server,options = list(port = 8000))

# app 2
ui = fluidPage(h1("outer"),
               tags$iframe(src = ""))
server = function(input,output){ }

Yeah you can do this but you'd need to 'modularize' your sub-app first to be able to call it as a module. See for details