Is there any function or package that I can assign time to run the code?

Hi, neighbors!

I'm doing my school project with R.
In the data extraction step, I found that the API I am extracting data has a limited query per hour policy.
So, I have to run my code on a one-hour basis and I think it's stupid.
Is there any way to solve this problem by assigning the time to run my code?

I would be so glad to hear from you.

I havent used it myself but this might suit you.
taskscheduleR (

Thank you!

I have one short question. Does it work if I turn R off?

I believe so, but it would seem easy to test.
Set something up to schedule in 5 minutes time , and then turn R off...

Yeah, absolutely!
I found it possible by manipulating somethings in Window scheduler.
Thanks again.

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