Is there an R command to create a Quarto website, analogous to distill::create_website()?

usethis::create_package() in is a handy function for creating the skeleton of an R package. What is the function which does the same thing for a Quarto website?

That is, what is a function which creates the same set of files as you get when you choose New Project -> New Directory -> Quarto Website from RStudio?

In other words, I am looking for something similar to distill::create_website() but for Quarto websites.

usethis::create_package() or distill::create_website() for creating a Quarto website. However, you can manually create the necessary files and folder structure to set up a Quarto website.

To create a basic Quarto website, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new directory for your Quarto website.
  2. Inside the directory, create the following files:
  • _site.yml: This YAML file contains the site configuration, including the title, author, output format, and other settings for your website.
  • _quarto.yml: This YAML file contains project-specific configuration settings for Quarto, such as the document format, output directory, and other options.
  • This is the main Markdown file that will serve as the homepage of your website. You can add content, headings, and links to other pages here.
  1. Create a folder called _quarto inside your website directory. This folder will store the additional configuration files and assets for your website.
  2. Inside the _quarto folder, you can create additional files and folders as needed:
  • _site.R: This R script file can contain code to customize the rendering process of your website, such as generating dynamic content or modifying the output.
  • _data: This folder can store data files that you want to include in your website.
  • _assets: This folder can contain any additional assets, such as images, CSS files, or JavaScript files.

Once you have set up the basic file and folder structure for your Quarto website, you can start adding content to your Markdown files and customize the site configuration and appearance according to your needs.

Please note that Quarto is under active development, and new features and functionalities may have been added since my knowledge cutoff date. I recommend referring to the Quarto documentation or the official Quarto GitHub repository for the most up-to-date information on creating Quarto websites.

For more information check this -

Still a feature request for the quarto R package helper that wraps Quarto

For now, command line needs to be used. quarto create project: Quarto – Project Basics

Thanks. That is helpful.

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