Is there an easy way or option to host multiple rendered html Quarto Books under a single local web server?

I want to keep multiple different project html documents of Quarto Books without re-rendering in future, like:

 |- project_a / index.html
 |- project_b / index.html

Q1. Is there such an option to achieve this?
I tried site-url: report_book_search_my and site-path: report_book_search_my, but they do not change the root path in index.html.

Q2. If there's no such option, what is a good way to achieve multiple projects hosted under a single web server at local?

In order to keep the rendered html documents of Quarto Book with search functionality available in future without re-rendering, we need a local web server. This is because javascript-depending search functionality does not work if we open local html file on modern browsers as file:// (i.e. just open the index.html on a browser) because of CORS (cross-origin resource sharing)-security issue.

Under a web server, this can be achieved as follows, as far as I only want single project just below the document root.

mkdir ~/Sites
cd ~/Sites
npx serve .
#click deny to keep it local when macos asks if inbound connection is allowed or not. 
ln -s <my_quarto_dir>/_book ~/Sites/<any_name_i_want>

But it does not work if we want to organize multiple project directories under ~/Sites/ as above. This is because index.html assumes root as / such as these:

<script src="site_libs/quarto-nav/quarto-nav.js"></script>
<script src="site_libs/quarto-nav/headroom.min.js"></script>
  <a href="./index.html" class="sidebar-item-text sidebar-link active">
  <a href="./intro.html" class="sidebar-item-text sidebar-link">

I couldn't find an option to change document root when we render (or publish to any user-defined web server).

My workaround is as follows:

  1. Create scripts/ to add <base> tag to change document root.

mv _book/index.html _book/index.orig.html

name=$(basename "$(pwd)")

# path-absolute-URL string like `/foo` with trailing `/`, i.e. `/foo/` works. 
# to add e.g. `<base href="/report_book_search/">`
perl -spe 's!\<head\>\n!\<head\>\n\<base href\="/$name/">\n!;' -- -name=$name _book/index.orig.html > _book/index.html

# scheme-relative-special-URL string works, too. 
# to add e.g. `<base href="http://localhost:3000/report_book_search/">`
#perl -spe 's!\<head\>\n!\<head\>\n\<base href\="http://localhost:3000\/$name/">\n!;' -- -name=$name _book/index.orig.html > _book/index.html

# path-relative URL string like <base href="./report_book_search/"> does not work.  (some links fails with '/' at the end or url such as `http://localhost:3000/report_book_search/`.)

rm ~/Sites/$name
ln -s -f "$(pwd)"/_book ~/Sites/$name
  1. Add 2 lines of post-render: at project: section of yaml as follows.
  type: book
    - scripts/

These steps enable multiple projects hosted under a single web server. (When to test on RStudio with http://localhost:<portnum>, comment out these two lines).

But I wonder is there easier and better way to achieve this? Thanks.