Is there a way to verify that my RStudio, R and package installation is OK

I run R/RStudio on a Windows laptop. I run work for my employer on one user ID and personal projects on another.
A few months ago, I merged the 2 installations so that they shared the same package installations in a common area. R, RStudio and packages all up to date.
Since then I have seen R terminate abnormally, gc invocations and a hang of RStudio where there is a black box. I can't use the GUI but I can close the RStudio window and RStudio prompts to save.

I guess I could re-separate the package installations for the 2 users. But is there a verify script to ensure the installations are correct?

Perhaps you could try to update R, and this might identify any problems?

I usually do this in an R console window (not in RStudio) using installr::updateR().

Thanks. All that does is check my R version and say that no update is required. I am on latest version.
I looked at the rest of installr but there doesn't seem to be a verify installation option

I may end up reinstalling


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