Is there a way to use a shiny gadget in Shiny app

Please reply any method would do. I like to use some pop up message box along with input widgets in shiny app.

Let me know if you have ever worked around such an issue.

I don't think that's possible since a gadget is also an application and you can't run an application inside an application. I got this error message when trying:
Warning: Error in shiny::runApp: Can't callrunApp()from withinrunApp(). If your application code containsrunApp(), please remove it.

ps you can change the viewer argument of runGadget, so it opens in a dialog or browser, just like a shiny app

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I knew that part but I wanted to know if that is possible. Because sometimes it is nice to use a pop up window in shiny. Can I do that in any other way.

yes, if you just want a popup, you can use a modelDialog

can i ask for any inputs or send a graph using modelDialog???

yes, see the examples of modelDialog. The last one has a text input. You can use a plot output in a similar way, just change the elements inside the modalDialog()

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