Is there a way to plot ggpredict results in table?

I used the ggeffects package to calculate the marginal effects of two logistic models (one binary and another multinomial). I was wondering if there is a way to visualize or export this results in a table, similar to the tables presenting the coefficients of the variables in the models as is done by sjPlot and Stargazer.

Hi @gustavobrp,

The object returned from ggpredict() is a list which contains a data.frame of predictions. So you can pass this data frame into any function that generates tables for presenting results.


mod <- lm(Sepal.Length ~ Sepal.Width, data = iris)
preds <- ggpredict(mod)


Hope this helps.

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Hi @mattwarkentin, thanks a lot for the reply.

It helped a lot, because now I'm understanding better the objects created by ggpredict().

I was trying to summarize the results as is done by Stargazer and sjPlot. For example, in Stargazer, it is possible to substitute the coefficients by the odds ratio. I wanted to do something like this. I will continue to tweak to figure it out.

Thanks again!

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