Is there a way to directly get a data.table from database

I work mostly on data.table package in R. But everytime i query something from database. I have to use a setDT() command on it.

Is there any package or anyway I can directly get a data.table from database.

Any help any suggestions would do?

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Is that setDT() in a workflow that already uses rqdatatable?

Can we Query a database using rqdatatable. I read their website before posting it here. and It seems like they are trying to query a datatable from R not a database.

If you have any simple example I would highly appreciate it.

You could write a wrapper function. For example, if you've been using dbGetQuery() from the DBI package:

dbGetQueryDT <- function(conn, statement, ...) {
  res <- DBI::dbGetQuery(conn, statement, ...)

Then just find/replace all instances of dbGetQuery with dbGetQueryDT.


Ah, I misunderstood. I think rquery is the more general package, and rquerydatatable is, as you said, for in-memory data.tables

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Thanks for answering my question. But I was looking for a direct way to get a data.table. Just wanted to know if that is possible.

When you are querying medium dataframe then setDT() is not efficient method on each query

Yes thanks for verifying my statement. I had doubts too...


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