Is there a way to change column names in renderTable for Shiny app?

The title pretty much says it all, but is there a way to change the column names when using renderTable in a Shiny app? My first thought was to just use rename() on the dataframe I'm using for the table, which works well. However, I'd like to have a column name that is multiple words that I don't need underscores for. For example, instead of having a column named "This_Column", I'm hoping there's a way for it to read "This Column". Any workaround for this anyone can share?

Sounds like your problem may be able to just be solved with a backtick? (e.g., `This Column`). But, if that doesn't work, you should post a reprex!

@julianstanley you are the man! You just answered two of my questions within five minutes even though they were super simple ones. Appreciate your help so much!!

Sure thing @hopnstop, glad to see questions that I can help with! :smiley:

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