Is there a repository of vignettes of the packages?

Hi, I always depend on vignettes to learn about a package. It looks like not all of them come with one, but is there a specific website to access them?

Please let me know.


I don't think any website gathers vignettes from every possible package (though r-universe comes close), but if you can install your package, the vignettes are on your computer, and if the package is on CRAN, the vignette should be available there. In addition, many packages have their own websites.

If a package is installed on your computer, you can try:

vignette(package = "name-of-package")

to see a list. For example: vignette(package = "dplyr") will open a list of the 9 available vignettes, you can then access each one with its name:


If the package is on CRAN, its vignettes should be listed on the corresponding page, for example here is dplyr. You can usually directly access the vignettes on CRAN, at[name-of-package]/vignettes/ for example here is dplyr.

Finally many packages have their own website, in many cases built with {pkgdown}, which will have the vignettes available in the "articles" menu, for example dplyr here.

One more case: if a package is in a different repository, e.g. Bioconductor or r-universe, the vignette will usually be available there. For example, here is the dplyr page on r-universe, the vignettes are listed near the top of the page.

As far as I can tell, r-universe has about every CRAN and Bioconductor package, so that's the closest to what you're asking for.

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