Is there a R business intelligence software ?

Hi there,

I wonder if there is a R BI solution (maybe in developement at this time) ? I would like to get rid of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Webi) which is expensive , and I don't really like Tableau...(also very expensive).

The goal is to extract data from databases, especially in .xlsx, .csv or .ods format. In this case, a data modeling component would be very useful to me.

I specify that I have an SQL Server to manage my databases.

Many thanks for your help and happy new year !


R is an open source programing language so it is possible someone has developed a BI solution with it, either open source or commercially licensed, but you can implement any BI task with it on your own as well with the advantage of being completely tailored to your own specific needs.

There are plenty of packages in R for dealing with data reading, validation, wrangling and modeling and also frameworks for data pipelines but you would need to be more specific about your use case to get relevant advice.

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