Is there a listed maximum number of applications for the Shiny Apps Basic plan?

I am a developer using Shiny Apps. The company I work for has a BASIC Shiny Apps plan. I noticed recently that an attempt to deploy a new Shiny app resulted in the following error:

Error: HTTP 402
You have reached the maximum number of applications allowed for your account.

The account had a total of 1000 applications before the error message occurred, including un-deployed and sleeping applications. There were zero running applications. I archived and then deleted several particularly old sleeping applications, which allowed more to be created.

It seems reasonable for there to be a limit on the number of applications. However, according to the Pricing section of the Shiny Apps home page, the BASIC plan, which is what is being used, has "Unlimited Applications", so I just want to know if this is a hidden limit or if it's listed somewhere, and also it would be nice to know if the STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL plans have the same application limits.

Hi Daniel,

Basic accounts on are entitled to unlimited applications, but a soft cap of 1000 applications is in place to protect against abuse or other harmful situations. All you need to do is open a support case and ask them to increase the soft limit. You can reference this post in your ticket.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will file an internal issue to update our documentation.


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Thank you, I filed an internal ticket. I do think referencing this in the documentation somewhere would be helpful.

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