Is there a list of packages that extend Shiny?

Hi everyone!
I have been using Shiny for a long time, however, it is quite common that I regularly find packages that extend Shiny in a quite impressive way.
For instance:
Little visual expansions.
Plotly: plot ly/r/shiny-tutorial/
Datatable: rstudio github io/DT/
Leaflet: rstudio github io/leaflet/shiny.html

I could not find any list as this, so I was wondering if there is any list out there? a bigger list of packages that extend Shiny apps.

Two things come to mind:

The first one is more general than just about packages, and the second one is just about packages and not necessarily about shiny, but at the intersection of both, there's a lot of potential.


Here is a good list:
I already included "shinycssloaders", and " shinyWidgets" in my app, "shinyBS" looks also quite interesting.


I think the classic way to do this is to look at Reverse Depends, Reverse Imports and Reverse Suggests on CRAN. These are only CRAN packages but are, by definition, packages depending at some level on shiny / building upon Shiny. Obviously, many will not be extending Shiny in the way you are thinking, but there may be some gems in there, and all of them are likely using Shiny in some way that might be insightful.

Caution: the list is massive :slight_smile:

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There is also a "Awesome List" on shiny: