Is there a limit on a single line subset in a script

#Using RStudio on a M1 Mac running Sonoma 14.3.1

from a large df, I extract a subset when I type into my script this line and execute it:

dfsubset <- df[c("row1", "row2", ... "row435"), ]
#But adding one more row fails
dfsubset <- df[c("row1", "row2", ... "row435", "row436"), ]
#Even though I can create a second subset with the rows I wanted to add
dfsubset <- df[c("row436", "row437", ...), ]
#Is there some sort of strange limit on the length of a single line

Yes there are limits to the text that the console can consume at any give time

Thanks for the reply. I had the script window soft wrapping and the line that worked was 4094 characters. I did not get any error, it just acted like it could not find the rest of the line. As you implied simply adding a return did allow it to work. I am just surprised at the size of limit without an error warning. I can simply hit return in my scripts periodically.

Can this limit be adjusted? Or how about a warning as you are entering a single line in the script editor that the line length is getting too long?

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