Is there a background package for tidymodels "recipes"?

I found out that tidymodels parsnip has an package in the background.
like glmnet, kknn, ranger and randomForest and so on....

And there is also a package in tidymodels that extends the parsnip function
For example rule, bugget...
There are other packages that can be associated with parsnip, even if they are not tidymodels.
For example treesnip and more ...

Does the recipe also have a background package?

Take a look at It has lists of available models and recipe steps. It also searches across the parsnip and recipes add-on packages.

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I apologise if we have not made the question easy to understand.

I wanted to know if there is a package like ENGINE that can be used as a background for RECIPES.
However, based on your advice, I checked and it seems that not many of them are linked to external packages.
I understood that the recipes step_*() is basically developed by the original.

Please let me know if I'm wrong.

Thank you very much.

There are about 90 steps in the recipes package. That's also where the most of the infrastructure is located.

There are other packages that are based on the recipes package and these also contain steps, such as embed, themis and other packages.

Does that help?

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