Is there a a way to knit only the current section that I am writing ignoring the rest of the document?

Hi people,
I am quite new here, so please, be patient.

I writing my summary of the many courses that I take in a monolitic Rmarkdown file, which I feel comfortable, and there shouldn't be much problem since markdown is lightweight.

However, knitting process the entire document.

Sometimes I just want to check if my markdown is right, and if it looks pretty enough.
Of course the document is splitt in markdown sections.

So the question is,
Is there any key combination to knit only the current section where the cursor is placed?

Not quite what you want, but if you are developing top to bottom you can insert


to stop the remainder of the file from being knitted.

Thanks, but I actually tend to go back and forward.

There's an issue that in general the context for processing markdown may depend on what comes above it. Not always, of course. I suspect there isn't a better answer to your question...but if there is I'd use it too!

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Hi. I posted the Feature Request here

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