Is the Posit Package Manager in Posit Team replaceable by a different package/repository manager?

I have a question with regard to the 3 components of Posit Team, namly Connect, Workbench & Package Manager.

Is it possible to replace the Package Manager component by, say JFrog Artifactory as the repository manager?
Would it be possible to plug Connect and Workbench into a different repository manager than the Posit Package Manager?
If yes, what are the caveats?

Hi @ChamaOsKurumi,

We've designed Package Manager as the optimal solution for managing packages with Connect and Workbench, due to its advanced repository management features specifically designed to make the most use of R and Python repositories. However, you're welcome to use any CRAN/PyPI compatible repository manager if desired. For those who have a business need to instead use products like Artifactory, we also have recommended integrations so you can continue to take advantage of Package Manager's advanced repository management features. See Artifactory - Posit Package Manager for full documentation.

Is there a specific reason you're looking to use an alternative? Maybe we can help.

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Thanks @JoeR , for now, this is exactly the information I needed.

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