Is the output from the package evapotranspiration correct?

Hi, I've tried to calculate the evapotranspiration with the package 'Evapotranspiration', but I think there must be somewhere a mistake, because the output using the BlaneyCriddle or the BrutsaertStrickler methode is often negative. Does this make sense? Why is the daily evapotranspiration in so many cases negative?

This is the code:
stopmissing <- cbind("10", "10", "2")
varnames<- c("Year", "Month", "Day", "Tmax", "Tmin", "RHmax", "RHmin","Rs","uz")

meteodata<-ReadInputs(varnames, inputData, constants, stopmissing, timestep = "daily",interp_missing_days = F,interp_missing_entries = T,interp_abnormal = T,missing_method = "monthly average",abnormal_method = "monthly average",message = "yes")

BlaneyCriddle<-ET.BlaneyCriddle(meteodata, constants, ts="daily", solar="sunshine hours", height= FALSE, message="yes", AdditionalStats="yes", save.csv="no")

BrutsaertStrickler<-ET.BrutsaertStrickler(meteodata, constants, ts="daily", solar="data", alpha=0.23, message="yes", AdditionalStats="yes", save.csv="no")

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