Is rstudio-server in my server working?

Hi, all!

I am trying to check if rstudio-server is working correctly, so I entered following two commands.

$ rstudio-server verify-installation
Server is running and must be stopped before running verify-installation
$ sudo rstudio-server stop
[sudo] password for bio0: 
rsession: no process found

What I'm confused about is that it said 'server is running', but it didn't stop.
So, is the server running or not, and if it's running, how can I stop it?
Would anyone help me?

Thank you!

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Hello, and thanks for the very good question! The rsession: no process found message is a common one, and does not necessarily mean a whole lot about your installation and whether it is working or not, etc. (Sorry for the confusion!!).

Do you mind sharing which operating system / version you are using?

In any case, some other useful ways to check whether things are running properly:

# look for RStudio listening on the port you expect
sudo netstat -lntp

# look for the rserver process
sudo ps -aux
sudo ps -aux | grep 'rserver'

sudo rstudio-server status

More information is available here:


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