Is RStudio connect compatible with newer Tensorflow ?


From the admin doc

RStudio Connect supports TensorFlow versions 1.13.1 and earlier. Later releases and development TensorFlow builds are not supported.

I see a lot of ongoing work already publish for tensorflow 2.

We have user currently working with 1.14 and they will soon switch to 2.0.

Is RStudio Connect already compatible with 1.14 and above and the doc is wrong ?
Or is the doc right and do you plan to support newer version soon ?

Thank you !


Our admin docs list the latest version that we have tested and verified. It's possible, but not guaranteed, that it will work properly with newer versions. The fact that 1.14 seems to work for your user is encouraging and we may update the doc if and when we perform a full validation that 1.14 works correctly.

TensorFlow Model API deployment will not work for TensorFlow 2.0 because there is no C API support for TensorFlow 2.0 yet. However, plumber API support is available, and you can try using the tensorflow or keras R packages to load your saved model and issue prediction requests.


I'd like to renew interest in this question.

If I understand correctly, Tensorflow does seem to have c support now but the documentation for Connect indicates 1.15 is the latest version supported. Any updates planned?