Is possible to be empty the first variable values and make igraph in R?

I have a data frame that wants to make an igraph plot in R. But in the first column, some rows do not have values. As you see rows 5-7 in NMSUKU do not have values.

structure(list(NMSUKU = c("Betawi", "Cirebon", "Sunda", "Jawa", 
"", "", "", "Bawean/ Boyan", "Osing/ Using", "Tengger", "Madura", 
"Badui/ Baduy", "Banten", "Banten"), TopLang = c("82_Batavi/ Batawi/ Betawi/ Melayu Betawi/ Melayu Jakarta/ Melayu Jakarte", 
"84_Cirebon", "86_Priangan/ Sunda", "88_Jawa", "83", "85", "89", 
"3000_Bahasa lainnya di Jawa", "90_Banyuwangi/ Osing", "93_Tengger", 
"91_Basa Mathura/ Madhura/ Madura/ Madure", "86_Priangan/ Sunda", 
"95_Banten", "86_Priangan/ Sunda"), Ethnicity = c("111_Betawi", 
"112_Cirebon", "113_Sunda", "114_Jawa", "114_Jawa", "114_Jawa", 
"114_Jawa", "116_Bawean/ Boyan", "119_Osing/ Using", "120_Tengger", 
"121_Madura", "113_Sunda", "123_Banten", "113_Sunda")), class = "data.frame", row.names = c(NA, 

What I want to make:

As you see on the screenshot Jawa, 83,85, and 89 must connect to 114_Jawa, while in first being nothing for 83, 85, and 89. Thank you!

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