is.numeric(x) is not TRUE when all data is numeric

Hi all!

I keep getting the error "is.numeric(x) is not TRUE" even though I performed a class check on my data and it is numeric. I am trying to perform a shapiro test to check for normality. My data has 5 columns: "id" (participant id), "realorsham" (my group column - contains 2 groups), "CR1", "CR15", and "CR16" (scores from questionnaire taken on 3 different days). All of my data is numeric but whenever I use the shapiro.test function I get that error. Any advice? I tried converting the data to be numeric and used the sapply function to test for class, which all came back numeric for the columns I was testing. Can anyone give me any insight?


You are asking a lot for us to critique code which we cant see ... :slight_smile:

Good point! I'll follow that example and make a new post or add on to this post. Thanks! @nirgrahamuk

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