Is my app fast enough?

Hi all,

I have been working on some shiny apps for the last few weeks and here is one of them:
I find it a bit slow, but maybe I'm being too auto-critical so I would like to have your opinion.
I'm wondering if I built it in the most efficient way as there are a lot of tiny function calling other tiny functions. The idea is that function 3 calls function 2 which calls function 1, a bit like russian dolls.

Thanks in advance for the help, i can share the script if necessary.

You could look into profiling your app, you may find ways to make it faster.

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This is a great looking app! It seems to do its job, but it is a bit slow for me. I'll second nirgrahamuk's recommendation!

Additionally, here are some quick ideas:
(1) when I add a new country, are you re-rendering the entire plot? Instead, you might consider just adding an extra layer onto an existing plot. Same for other features--is there anywhere where you can re-use parts of an already-existing graph or dataset?
(2) Maybe a button to refresh the graph would be good? If I change a bunch of parameters, I don't want to see the intermediates--I'd rather just change all of them and click a button when I'm ready.
(3) For aesthetics--shinycssloaders may make me more patient?

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Thank you so much, they're great advises to make it better! And indeed, the whole plot is being re-rendered when adding a country at the moment, I'll work on that.

Thank you very much, i will look into that!

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