Is it safe to learn tidyquant

I loved the repository of business-science on GitHub and I liked the concepts of tidyquants and time_tibble. But some of these libraries are not at 1.0 and have not been updated for months.

Is it safe to learn these libraries on

I am scared they might end up something like ggvis.

any say on this matter.

I have no idea what tidyquant is but it seems to be actively maintained (last commit 3 days ago) and highly liked (260 stars). When I find a tool that is useful to me and that seems to be maintained, I don't hesitate to use it.

Maybe you shouldn't worry about what will happen to tools in the future as this is impossible to predict, not only because they may stop being maintained, but also because different and more efficient tools with a similar goal might take over, plus so many other parameters... So if it is good for you today, I'd go for it.


Thanks For replying I think I get that point. I wasn't just talking about one library they have very cool and a few more libraries all are good.

But thanks I got it.

All their packages seem maintained (last commit within a few months at worst, a few hours at best) and many have a lot of stars. So I think that you can be quite comfortable.

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