Is it possible to share an project that is editable to others?

I have created a project in RStudio Cloud and I would like to share to to my friend.
I don't want my friend to just have a temporary copy.
I want my friend to be able to edit the original project too.
Is it possible to do so?

The best way is to create a github repository using version control functionality in RStudio cloud. Your friend can clone the repository, edit all the objects in your project and do what's called a pull request, which will show all their proposed changes and you can select which to incorporate or not (someone has to be in charge).

The git repository learning curve is not as steep as the R curve, but is also rewarding.

There is the functionality of private Spaces that you may use to share projects between people. If members are moderators, they can edit existing project from others in the space. See Posit Cloud

It could be of interest to you.

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