Is it possible to save edits made in a DT table?

The most recent version of the DT package provides the ability to change values in a table by double clicking a cell

Is it possible to save the changed version to an object or file? I have a situation where this would seem by far the easiest way to solve a problem I have


Looks like by accessing input$tableID_cell_edit. But no access to the entire table as an object. See here.

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Yes. Thanks I had seen that thread. TBH, I'd be interested to see some examples of this in real life use

I was hoping that you could visually replace the equivalent of amending values in code

df[1,2] <- 76
df[63,45] <- "foo"

Is it ever going to be possible to easily save (e.g. to CSV) an edited DT::datatable? Like the original poster, I have a problem right now where that would be the easiest solution. If it exists.