Is it possible to save a template answer somewhere on this site?


Most of the time, when I reply to a new question the first thing I suggest is to write a reprex, so I would like to write a template answer. Something like


Is it possible to do that using community tools, or should I just keep a template in a plain text file and copy as needed?

Personally, I use a snippet on my computer for this. I use Alfred, but there are a lot of different options for this (including just rolling your own macros, or using System Preferences on a Mac).

There is a Discourse plugin called "Canned replies," but I think that might only work for moderators (or some other level of privilege— Curtis would know much better than I do):

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Yep, "Canned replies" is currently only available to moderators. Could you expand a little bit on the System Preferences part? Since this year I'm a Mac user, so I'm always looking for Mac tip & tricks.

Yep, it's the last one described here:

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FWIW, I plan to get a discourse plugin added so all sustainers (level-4 leaders in discourse's system) have access to canned replies.


One more question - you need the Alfred's Powerpack to enable snippet completion, right? I considered installing Alfred in the past, but since Spotlight works so well for me, I gave up. I may reconsider, though...

Yes (see link above)

The snippets and text expansion features are part of Alfred's Powerpack.

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