Is it possible to make interactive notebooks without exporting to .html (ie as .Rmd in the editor)?

Hey all, my question is as the title implies. I believe the answer to be no, but I wish to confirm this.

I am aware you can have shiny in knitted notebooks, but I wonder if it is possible to have interactivity with just in-line rendered output from the .Rmd editor (source pane).

An example of why I'd want this is because I want to recreate the kind of HTML interactivity that Pluto offers for the julia language (see their GitHub, also this good example .gif from the same link).
I'm not just looking for a slider on a plot, but also to have a variable linked to a slider/other input widget be updated for other downstream uses.
Of course I understand that if a solution does exist, it would not be as fast as Pluto can be with Julia.

Thanks in advance.

Please clarify a bit more; sounds like you're asking for the following:

  • Interactive element(s) in upstream code chunk
  • Reactive value(s) set in those upstream code chunks to be applied in downstream code chunks

R notebooks in the editor (or even rendered) aren't "live" in that sense. In R what you've depicted is usually achieved with a Shiny app.

That's indeed what I am asking. And your answer is indeed the one I had expected (sadly). Interactivity whilst writing analyses would be a nice feature (especially if I am, for example, uncertain of a particular threshold or method and would like to toggle and observe the consequences as I continue writing).
Thanks anyway!

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