Is it possible to embed the credentials in the URL to open rstudio-server?

Pretty straightforward. rstudio-server is running at, say Say the u/p is ruser/12345, is it possible to have this pre-filled from a URL?

I tried:

None of which appear to have worked.

In terms of security concerns, that's being handled upstream since users will have authenticated on VPN & with 2FA to get to this URL in the first place (it's part of a pod being served on JupyterLab).

Users are all told ruser and 12345, it's just a matter of convenience/saving time by having it pre-filled each time they launch the URL. Since the pods die often, there's not much convenience to Stay signed in since that particular rstudio-server process doesn't survive.

This is possible in Jupyter, where part of our Docker setup is to capture the token and pass it in like /?token=... to save users the step of keeping track of and entering a new token each time they launch.

If you are running rstudio-server PRO, and considering that you dealt with authentification outside of Rstudio, this is something that could be done with Proxy authentification.

If you are using the non-pro version, I guess this is more limited...

thanks... non-Pro for me...

Troy P was helping me out on Twitter, and pointed out the auth-none config which would seem to fit the bill?

But I didn't find any hard documentation of it & just including auth-none=1 seems to have broken my image; I suspect there's some interaction with server-user being set as jovyan to better fit with Jupyter.

Is there some way to make that work that I'm missing?

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