Is it possible to disable .Rprofile creation when running renv::activate()?

My team recently started using renv and we observe that each time we run renv::activate() a .Rprofile file is created in our project. This file's purpose is described as "Used to activate renv for new R sessions launched in the project" (, but we would prefer to only activate renv manually rather than have it be automatically activated when a new R session is launched in the project. Is there a way for us to turn off the creation of this .Rprofile file?

I suspect you want to use renv::load() here rather than renv::activate(). The job of renv::activate() is to create a .Rprofile that then calls renv::load() automatically for you when new R sessions are launched. If you don't want that behavior, you can use renv::deactivate() and then just manually / explicitly call renv::load() as required.

Oh, yes, it does seem that that's likely what we want!

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