Is it possible to create login with Azure Active Directory (AD) in

Here in our company, we have the 99$ standard plan of, which has been really useful to us. However, a new IT requeriment is that logins need to be based on the Azure Active Directory from the company.

I have found this tutorial for shiny open source server, but I was looking for any tutorial on guidance to create a login with Azure AD in a app (or is it even possible?)

It is not currently possible, but I will share with the team for future consideration.


The AzureAuth package handles AAD authentication, and can be integrated into a Shiny app. See the vignette here:

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Hi Hong, is it possible too if the app is hosted en I ask because configurations are sometimes limited.

I haven't used, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. If you run into problems, you can post another question here or open an issue at the AzureAuth repo.

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